Sick Links

Calculated Risk and Tanta have been on the war path. They are fed up with people who talk about the current problems as being sub prime problems. This is a pretty sick example of why they don’t think that the current problems should be blamed on poor people.

Is a newspaper doing its job when it presents two sets of statistics as being fact in the same article when the two figures are mutually exclusive? Felix Salmon points out that the reporting on the Black Friday sales just does not add up.

The Fed is taking more steps to bail out the banks. I guess this a sub prime problem because people who are sub prime don’t get the bail out.

Bruce Sarafian is back!

Bruce Sarafian is back from his long hiatus. He’s been gone for years, and yet still holds most of the World Records he held when he stopped juggling. Although he hasn’t put up any recent footage yet, he has posted some previously unreleased footage that should give you an idea just how good he is.

Old Autumn Essay

I had meant to write an essay this autumn titled “Fall Cometh” or something like that. It was to be a descriptive essay about the fall weather, much like I have written essays about the Spring. But I haven’t written it yet. Maybe I will still write it, even though it would be late.
In the […]

Early Autumn, Late Afternoon

[Note: This week I was doing cleanup and going through my old pads of note paper. On one pad, stuck in among some other writing, I found this short descriptive essay. It had no date attached and I can’t recall exactly what year I wrote it. It was probably about four years ago, and I […]

Why in the world did Freddie ever guarantee such loans?

I laughed out loud when I read this….

Nina loans?

The abbreviation stands for “No income, no assets.” It does not mean the loans went to people without either assets or income, only that the borrowers were not asked if they had either. I had known about “stated income” loans — also known as “liars’ loans” — in which the bank took a borrower’s word for how much he earned. But I had not realized you could borrow money without even being asked about your income.

Starting this month, Freddie won’t guarantee such loans, which seem to default more often than other loans.

If you don’t check to see if someone has any income or assets, the loan is more likely to default. Who would have thunk?

(h/t Calculated Risk)

Economic Links of Interest

From R-Squared comes an explanation of why oil did not break the 100 mark even though inventory fell. I did not understand the explanation until I read the last comment.

The Bank Of England is going to (has already?) lose a lot of taxpayer money.

From the New York Times comes an article about how insurance companies are shifting costs to homeowners.

Airbus is getting killed by the falling dollar even as its orders soar. It has the misfortune of selling its products in dollars even as it pays for its supplies in euros.