Be the Last

When manufacturers start adding new features to their products–especially “new technology” or “digital”–it is usually wise to let your neighbors buy it and try it out before you buy it yourself.

This is especially true of items that are particularly valuable or potentially dangerous, should some malfunction occur.  Remote car starters, for example. Or electronically controlled ovens.

H/T Dave Barry’s Blog.

Indy Racing is Lame But Can Be Redeemed

Wired has an article that demonstrates why Indy races are–or at least were–lame. The drivers considered it too dangerous to race side-by-side. It is dangerous. If you want to drive safely please visit the public highways. We could always use more safe drivers out there.

Things are beginning to improve. Indy racers now have a power-up button.  It is a nifty trick based on telling the engine to stop wasting power on the alternator for a few seconds. The system still needs work, however. Rather than awarding a set number of these power-ups based on timing alone, they need to activate this ability based on a driver passing over a specific part of the track. There needs to also be a chance to acquire the ability to selectively target and slow down another driver. And an electromagnetic accelerator that just takes a car that passes into  it and accelerates it another 100 mph or so. And missiles would be cool, tool.