Bits of Hilarity

Today the news was just full of jokes. My sick sense of humor has been getting a real work out this evening.

Here is a joke that you might not have heard. Here is another one that you probably did hear.

But if you have as sick a sense of humor as I do, the fun is just getting started. Try saying the quote that leads off this post out loud and see if you can keep from laughing. If at first you don’t find it funny, try thinking about the implications of such a statement. Here is some more background info.

While we are on a role, it should be noted that Brant Hansen is always good for a laugh. The only problem with today’s post is that he pulls his punches and goes all PC at the end.

This one from a while back was a lot better. I did not realize at first that he was talking about a real service on offer.

A slightly more obscure source of fun comes from this letter. Hard as it may be to believe, Hertz was actually dumb enough to sue those people in open court. A better way of convincing the world that they are about to go bankrupt could not be found. Especially when their whole argument boils down to saying “6 months ago we were even more likely to go bankrupt then we are now.”

Believe it or not, I did not stay home today to collect all these bits of hilarity. Instead, I went to work even though I still don’t have my voice back and I still am coughing and hacking like a fool. But nobody threw rocks at me so all is well.

Expect for the fact that I am feeling a little crazy.

Links For Today

Cool Pictures of old Russian homes.

Its working out so well for them, let us do it here.

Conspiracy theories abound. Most likely the story is false. In fact, the dollar fall probably would have happened without the story. But the fact that the story is getting so much press time shows how ready to panic people are. Just think about how they are going to panic when they have more then just a rumor to go on.

Tuesday the 6th

Yesterday I forgot what I meant to write about. I had went into work on Sunday, and I wanted to write about seeing Grandpa again.

Not really Grandpa, of course. But some elderly man who looked and acted like Grandpa did the Saturday after his turn for the worse. I didn’t cry, but there were so many strange emotions. The most unexpected situation was when the PT introduced me to him. He slowly turned his head toward me and said in the same half-whispering half-gasping speech Grandpa had used on Saturday, “Hi, TT.”

But he said it with a joke or a smile in his voice, as though he knew me, recognized me, liked me. I felt the warmth of his greeting spread through me and the smile leap on my face, but inside I was thinking “He sounds exactly like Grandpa. Exactly like Grandpa. I don’t know him; he doesn’t know me. Why does he sound so much like Grandpa? How can he sound so much like Grandpa? It’s like he’s always known me and glad to see me. It’s like he is Grandpa, but he isn’t Grandpa.”

He was in Oncology, so I guess he was dying of cancer. He didn’t seem agitated. . .but it was wrong, all wrong. When Grandpa looked like this, he had people he loved, his family, sitting around him, talking and laughing. Here it was still, too still. No one was there. He was alone. No one sang him songs or squeezed his feet. The people who saw to his needs were strangers, only doing what they were paid to do. (read the rest at Cloudy Day Writing)

Technical Updates

I just put the Ethereal Land through a number of updates. Here’s what I did:

1. WordPress-MU install was upgraded to the latest version: 2.8.4a
2. All plug-ins were update to their latest versions.
3. Post’s from Ethereal Land blogs are once again being pulled automatically into the newspaper.
4. The site administrator can once again change post authors on the Newspaper.
5. The duplicate “Front Page” category was removed to prevent confusion.
6. Backups were run.
7. The search box on the newspaper was fixed.

Please let me know if there are any outstanding issues.


The Technical Exorcist