Essay of the Week: 3/14/10-3/20/10

Alvin Plantinga has been described in by some secular sources as the foremost orthodox protestant Christian philosopher of the current age. We don’t mean that to be a commendation, but we do think it is worth getting to know that man a little more. It is interesting to see what the secular world understands as being the best that orthodoxy Christianity has to offer.

So here is what Alvin Plantinga calls his “Spiritual Autobiography.” It is a little out of date, but I don’t think too much has changed in regards to his world view.

Save On Heating; Burn Your Water

The print edition of the paper included a picture of a jug of water with a flame burning on it.

I would have thought that anyone who expected a drilling operation anywhere in their neighborhood would seek to get a baseline analysis of what is in their well water right away. I would want to know what I have been drinking all along so that I know if I am just getting hysterical when something turns up in the water later one.