Animals thinking in plain sight

First we have the bear who thinks, “Crap, I’ll never be able to drag the whole thing far enough through that brush to get away from the nosy people, I’ll have to cut my losses and eat the most nutrient-rich part.”

Then you have the gangland showdown where a some punks are trying not to be too obviously salivating over the the moose brother who is just rollin’ but looks like he got some heat, too. The moose tries to look like he don’t care nohow. But he don’t get no drink, neither.

Rant of the Week: 7/11/10-7/17/10

Why are corporations saving so much?

This is offered up as rant of the week with some trepidation. As is typical of Tyler Cowen when he offers up an opinion, he conceals is his real thoughts. The thrust of his argument is not really about whether it is a good thing for corporations to have big cash reserves. Rather, he is focused on the irony of the fact that the people who think that stimulus spending is a good idea also think that it is a horrible idea for corporations to be saving money.

We understand it is a hard argument to follow. But if you get it, it is really quite funny.