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Why Is the World’s Cash Disappearing? Banks Are Asking, But No One Seems to Know

Is China Planning To Incite A “People’s War” To Dominate The South China Sea?

Trail Cam Captures Opossum Pulling Ticks Off A Deer’s Face

An Iowa man who burned a church LGBTQ flag in June was sentenced to 16 years in prison Wednesday.

Top German Spies Unload on Merkel’s Kowtowing to Putin

Project Educate Deb #9 Operation Entebbe

This is a necessary counterpoint to the Educate Deb #8. I wish I could have found a better video as this one focus almost exclusively on the military aspects and ignores the experiences of the hostages, political problems, and the murder of many Africans in retaliation. This raids most visible effect on our current day as it forms part of the political mythos of one of the most prominent current politician in Israel (whose older brother died on this raid).

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Strange Story Of The Day: At least three patients died on Wednesday after hundreds of lawyers besieged a cardiac hospital in Lahore, Pakistan, for hours — attacking doctors, guards and other staff and setting several vehicles ablaze, officials said.The origins of the clash are not entirely clear, but it seems to stem from a scuffle last month between doctors and a lawyer that was captured on surveillance video. Since then, lawyers have been demanding some kind of action against the doctors, and on Wednesday that culminated in the brutal attack.Reuters reported, “lawyers were particularly angry about the doctors disseminating a mobile phone video on social media showing the beating” of a lawyer by doctors after he refused to wait in line.

Surprising No One: The memo notes that the move terminating emerging managers, who are often minority-owned or women-owned enterprises, “could receive media or legislative attention.”The $380 billion pension system, the largest in the US, has faced criticism going back more than a decade by some legislators for not having enough diverse money managers on its roster.In response, CalPERS launched new initiatives to hire a more diverse base of managers, including hosting diversity conferences with the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS).However, the Frost memo indicates that emerging managers, which also included some newer managers who were not women or minorities, underperformed their benchmark on an even greater basis than the traditional equity managers.

Or What?: In a rare public order issued Tuesday, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court condemned the FBI for the errors and omissions in its application to surveil Trump-campaign adviser Carter Page and gave the bureau until January 10th to propose reforms to prevent future abuses.

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In a just world, people should really go to jail. Falling for stupid made up information is one thing. Deliberately doctoring information is another. The Inspector General’s Report on 2016 FBI Spying Reveals a Scandal of Historic Magnitude: Not Only for the FBI but Also the U.S. Media

This short speech from Trump is why Trump got elected. People are so tired of the everyday lies they are forced to deal with that they forgive Trump his outrageous lies because he occasionally tells the truth. People Are Flushing Toilets 10 Times, 15 Times

For what it is worth. Trump shocks black voters — by trying to get their votes

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If an idea has bipartisan support, you know it is a really bad idea. House Passes Bill Making U.S. Space Force the Sixth Branch of Military

If this made MSNBC, maybe someone will go to jail for altering the documents. “A particular point of something that is pretty egregious,” she went on to say, “which is the altering of a document to not inform the court and to not inform others that Carter Page, who was a former associate, Trump campaign associate, of the president, was actually also, at times, a confidential source of the CIA.”

Russia’s Only Aircraft Carrier Has Erupted In Flames Vs Why Isn’t the $13 Billion USS Ford Aircraft Carrier Ready for Service?