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The discovery of U.S. spy networks in China fueled a decadelong global war over data between Beijing and Washington. and the second part here though you may need to look at it in a separate browser from the first link.

Winter Solstice edition: new strain in the UK, border closures; deep-dive into vaccines.

Will Iran’s threat to Israel from Iraq increase?

The monster will come for you: Why the Tarlac killings threaten us all

Somalian opposition irked by Turkish support ahead of presidential elections

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Mutant coronavirus in the United Kingdom sets off alarms but its importance remains unclear

The World Turned Upside Down: A History of the Chinese Cultural Revolution

Antibody-Dependent Enhancement

Overdose Deaths Far Exceed COVID-19 Deaths In San Francisco

I expect that they will find that this is only legal if done to Republicans. Tables Turned: Restaurants Organize To Ban Gov. Cuomo From ‘all New York City establishments’

A Shock to the PPE System: New Method for Recharging N95 Masks to Meet COVID Demand

China’s stunning export comeback has factories scrambling for workers

Russia Backs Another 500,000 Bpd Oil Production Increase

Amid Coal Crunch, Cities Limit Power to Businesses, Factories

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Some Chilling Public Speaking History

CALIFORNIA: Despite strict lockdowns, ICUs are filling up.

Each year this tax net would gather up a new crop of taxpayers for the next decade. The range of people it proposes to ensnare is staggering: every student attending college in California, anyone having a major medical procedure at a California hospital and needing an extended in-state recovery period, and those who spend two months in California away from New York or London winters. Under California tax law, there is no distinction between a nonresident from Minnesota and a nonresident from Dubai.Assembly Bill 2088 proposes calculating the wealth tax based on current world-wide net worth each Dec. 31. For part-year and temporary residents, the tax would be proportionate based on their number of days in California. The annual tax would be on current net worth and therefore would include wealth earned, inherited or obtained through gifts or estates long before and long after leaving the state.The proposed wealth tax would fall on a star high-school or college athlete who grows up in California but becomes a wealthy professional in another state after graduation.

LA County Concedes: People Must Be Allowed to Worship Inside Churches

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China launches ‘gray-zone’ warfare to subdue Taiwan

Artificial Skin’ May One Day Make Troops Invisible, Even to Heat Sensors

I have only one comment on this. Every pandemic will have a peak and drop off even if left unchecked.Anyone who does not acknowledge this and try to correct for it when evaluating effectiveness of options should be treated with suspicion. Reevaluating Children’s Role in the Pandemic