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Could the passage of a $1.9 trillion coronavirus-relief package mark the end of the neoliberal era?

How the media grotesquely distorted the Atlanta massacres

NASA and SpaceX sign agreement on spaceflight safety

The US wood shortage can be traced to a decades-old beetle infestation in Canada

Australia Mice biting hospital patients, ravaging farms as plague escalates across NSW

FTC memos suggest Obama-era regulators passed on an opportunity to rein in Google when the company still had viable competitors.

A Brief List Of Official Russia Claims That Proved To Be Bogus

Links For Today

The Princeton Historian Mugged by Reality

If you think the West’s culture wars are bad, try Afghanistan’s

Professor quits researching COVID because of hostility over his findings about low threat to children

SOS signature-matching guidelines for absentee ballots ruled “invalid” by judge

An interesting downloadable PDF that has a new theory on the assassination. Claims to rule out the remote controlled gun story that is currently mainstream. The Mohsen Fakhrizadeh Assassination Operation: 27 November 2020—Absard, Iran

Journalists, Illustrating How They Operate, Yesterday Spread a Significant Lie All Over Twitter

Rep. McCarthy Wasn’t Lying When He Said People on Terror Watch List Were Apprehended at Border

Column: Why do so many Mexican Americans defend Speedy Gonzales?

Links For Today

Researchers discover deep sea microbes invisible to human immune pattern recognition

The Washington Post’s Fake Trump Quote Scandal Is a Lot Worse Than You Think

A politicized US military should horrify all Americans

Berlin to Give Secret Services Access to Encrypted Conversations

The American Rescue Plan as Economic Theory

Ancient leaves preserved under a mile of Greenland’s ice – and lost in a freezer for years – hold lessons about climate change

Double talk for the day: “All they are going to see for evaluation is which percentile the soldier falls into,” the Army official said. “The gender identity will not be included in that information. If anything, it’s a more gender-neutral assessment process because it doesn’t show the raw scores.”

Links For Today

Israel behind serial sabotage of Iranian tankers, report says

Shocking news from the world of science. Coronavirus infection leads to immunity that’s comparable to a COVID-19 vaccine

Study finds cancer cells may evade chemotherapy by going dormant

A new test has been scoring men and women on the same basis — but more than half of women are failing.

Legacy Media Silent as Biden DHS Tear-Gasses Antifa Rioters in Portland

The Washington Post Issues a “Correction” Which Clarifies That Every Claim Made In Their Story Stating that Trump Told the George Secretary of State to “Find the Fraud” Was a Lie