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Russia’s Oil Reserves Are Becoming Increasingly Hard To Recover

US, Israel divisions on Iran spill into open

Infinadeck Experience Platform

The US Navy Is Rusting Away

Ax-Wielding Antifa Member Attacks GOP Senator’s Office, Dems Give Him Money, FBI Returns Ax

Fearing a loss of highly skilled workers, groups representing large and small defense firms are pushing the Biden administration to allow employees to take periodic COVID tests instead of getting vaccinated.

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Aluminum Inventories Have Fallen To Critical Levels
Is Yemen the Next Afghanistan?

Cost of shipping a container from Asia jumped over 500% since last year, Traeger Grills CEO says

More than 100,000 people died from overdoses in a single year – driven primarily by one drug

COVID Madness Continues Down Under – Australia Northern Territory Use Army to Force People Into Quarantine


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Vaccine Mandates & The Great Resignation

B.C. imposes travel and fuel restrictions as rebuild begins after historic floods

France sends special forces to its Caribbean region of Guadeloupe after Covid riots

It suggests wolves control economic damages from overabundant deer in ways that human deer hunters cannot.

Looters Empty Louis Vuitton Stores in San Francisco and Chicago

Driver Meant To Mow Down Crowd

J.K. Rowling Stands Tall After Doxxing, Endless Death Threats

Surging numbers of coronavirus infections in Europe have prompted US officials to advise citizens against traveling to Germany or Denmark.

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For once, an article almost lives up to the headline. Not sure I would go so far as to say rage just yet. Protests and Rage Against Lockdowns and Mandates All Over the World

Biden’s OSHA Workplace Vaccine Mandate, Now Stalled in Court, Rejects the Layered “Swiss Cheese” Model for Covid Protection

California Nordstrom ransacked by 80 looters in ski masks with crowbars and weapons

FBI, CDC investigating several vials labeled ‘smallpox’ found at vaccine research facility

Rabbit starvation: Why you can die even with a stomach full of lean meat

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The Brain Can Recall and Reawaken Past Immune Responses

CVS closing hundreds of its drugstores over the next 3 years

Scientists mystified, wary, as Africa avoids COVID disaster

The Great Resignation: Health Care Workers

The Vanishing of Peng Shuai

Vaccinated English adults under 60 are dying at twice the rate of unvaccinated people the same age

Rising numbers of single people and plummeting birth rates are bad news for civilisation.

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Biden Administration Pushes Mandate Despite Court and OSHA
The South Korean government started rationing urea, used to cut diesel car and industrial emissions, and banned the resale of the solution amid an acute shortage which is threatening to halt transport and industries.

It is the first European country — and one of the first in the world — to impose compulsory vaccination. On everyone without exception that is.


A fourth wave of COVID infections has seen case numbers reach record levels in Germany.

Judge boots MSNBC from Rittenhouse trial over jury tracking attempt; UPDATE: NBC confirms? UPDATE: NBC claims “freelancer” didn’t attempt to “contact” jurors

Morgan Stanley says the semiconductor chip shortage for the auto industry is nearly over

Tesla ranks almost dead-last on Consumer Reports reliability list

Tigray forces threatened to hunt down foreigners it claims are supporting the Ethiopian government as mercenaries and technical experts, undoubtedly referring to the Iranian operators that operate the Mohajer-6 in Ethiopia.

FDA Says It Needs Until Year 2076 To Reveal Data Pertaining To Pfizer Vaccine Approval


John Deere employees approve third contract proposal, ending their five-week strike

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Do masks reduce risk of COVID19 by 53%? How about 80%?

The War Nerd: The Tigray-Ethiopia War

Negative Vaccine Effectiveness Isn’t a New Phenomenon – It Turned Up in the Swine Flu Vaccine

New mRNA anti-tick vaccine may protect from more than just Lyme disease

This makes me so mad because of what it does not mention. “Nothing has changed” – Syracuse hospitals and EMT’s still in crisis mode ahead of winter

If Ansarallah controls Marib, it will control all of Yemen and some of the world’s most strategic waterways. No wonder its adversaries are shaken.

Biden Calls On FTC To Investigate Oil Companies And High Gas Prices

New Details Shed Light on Lukashenko’s Human Trafficking Network

OSHA Suspends Enforcement of Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

Newport News Shipbuilding parent company announces suspension of vaccine deadline

Even the Washington Post Wonders if the Justice Department Went Too Far in Raiding Project Veritas

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Doe v. Gerken: A Lawsuit Against Yale Law

Is the Government Getting Your COVID Test Results Before You Do? Why?

Felony assault on a police officer is taken by prosecutors about as seriously as shoplifting or turnstile-jumping — petty offenses which also are ignored, but which don’t directly threaten the public order.

China Deploys Long-Range Bomber Along Indian Border

Has China Really Solved Its Power Crisis?

Rising Inflation Is Beginning to Worry Pentagon Leaders

Empty Containers Pile Up at Port of Los Angeles as Ocean Liners Add ‘Sweeper’ Ships to Clear Backlog