Essay of the Week: 2/21/10-2/27/10

This week’s essay of the week is His-Panic by Ron Unz. It should be noted that Mr. Unz’s arguments are all valid, but they do not change the fact that increase in Hispanic immigration causes crime to be greater in American than it would otherwise would be. Thus, his conclusion does not flow from his argument.

In other words, the fact that young Hispanic men commit crimes at the same rate as young white men does not mean that fears of a Hispanic fulled crime wave are unfounded. If you take a typical American town and inject a large number of young Hispanic men, the crime rate will go up sharply even if the young Hispanic men are no worse than the “white” Americans of the same age.

Links for today

Discriminating against programmers. Its wrong. But would most programmers really want this law repealed? Maybe more of them are not up in arms about this because they are afraid that their employers might try to make them temps if it is repealed. On the other hand, it seems as if employers are making a lot of them temps in any case.

Natural light needed for a good night’s sleep?

It seems as if small earthquakes are happening all over the place. Reliving stress or preparing for a big one?