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Can Ukraine’s infrastructure survive the winter?

Russia’s commercial airlines face a slow death

A Chinses view on current US politics.

As reported by Japan’s Nihon Keizai Shimbun, in a meeting on Nov 2, the Energy Conservation Subcommittee of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry resolved to begin working group discussions with the aim of gaining the ability to remotely turn down privately owned air conditioner/heater units.

China debt: local government ‘land grabs’ raise concerns amid tumbling fiscal revenues

The real scandal is that Facebook was handing out access to change people accounts to low level employees like security guards as a job perk!!! Why this is not more of a scandal is beyond me. Meta Employees, Security Guards Fired for Hijacking User Accounts

LA Port Traffic Down Sharply in October

The main significance is that these are all happening before Christmas busy season. What is going to happen after Christmas? Layoffs? You Want To Talk About Layoffs? Here Are 10 Major Announcements Which Have Happened Within The Past 10 Days

To beat Ebola in Uganda, fund what worked in Liberia

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China’s Zero-Covid Lockdowns Sparking Protests in Guangzhou

US blames Iran for Tuesday’s drone attack on Eastern Pacific product tanker

Amazon employees will be in layoff limbo into 2023

U.S. Diesel Inventories Hit Historic Lows At The Worst Possible Time

Gavin Newsom’s $98 Billion Surplus Went Bye-Bye

That review has not found any apparent business advantage to the types of classified information in Trump’s possession, these people said. FBI interviews with witnesses so far, they said, also do not point to any nefarious effort by Trump to leverage, sell or use the government secrets. Instead, the former president seemed motivated by a more basic desire not to give up what he believed was his property, these people said.

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Household debt soars at fastest pace in 15 years as credit card use surges, Fed report says

Feds Had Informants In Proud Boys and Oath Keepers for J6

I remain dubious about this. Until people make more of an effort to deal with criticisms that this is just a measurement artifact (see end of article) I will not be convinced. Sperm count is declining at accelerating rate worldwide

Inventing the Crypto King

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Container Glut Growing As Global Trade Slips

Israel-Lebanon gas deal proceeds with TotalEnergies, Eni agreement

OPEC Oil Production Fell In October As Members Missed Targets

What happened at Alameda Research

DEA’s most corrupt agent

My views get me pilloried. Self-described anti-racists bombard me with the view that I am “white adjacent”, “honorary white”, “white passing”, and part of the “dominant culture”.

Fentanyl vaccine potential ‘game changer’ for opioid epidemic

So the fragile grid teeters on. But the first thing the renewable energy star state had to do was dump their solar power because it threatened to push the system over. The highest risk moment they are worried about now is midday Thursday, because it looks like being a sunny day. Oh, the woe!

In Horrific Move, Iran’s Parliament Votes to Execute 15,000 Protestors to Teach ‘Hard Lesson’ This Iranian sympathizing newspaper says that this story is not true and they are probably right. But note that the truth is that the legislators only signed a letter calling for for the executions and not actually passing a law. I am not sure that is the defense they think it is.

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US, Russian spy chiefs meet in Turkey over Ukraine war

Kinburn – the Indirect Approach

Potential Ban On Russian Metals Pushes Aluminum Prices Higher

Amazon To Fire 10,000 Employees, Largest Layoff In Company History

A Remedy for the Federally Funded Physician Shortage

Canada will soon allow medically assisted dying for mental illness.

Crazy Move By Ukraine?

Back on November 12th, Reporting From Ukraine predicted that the next target of the Ukrainian military would be the Kinburn peninsula. I did not think that this was anything other the Ukrainian forces trying to worry the Russians because it seemed crazy to me that they would try to attack the Russians across a body of water. Today all the pro-Ukrainian U-tube channels that I regularly watch are showing videos like this one….

It is still not clear that this is anything other then a raid (Russia says that it destroyed all the attackers for what that is worth). But Ukraine is sure getting a lot of people’s hopes up if it is only a raid.

Here is Reporting from Ukraine trying to assuage the concerns of people like me who do not think this is tactically sound.

I am not convinced myself. Crossing in little rubber boats is not the same thing as having heavy lift boats needed for really resupply. Also, I see no discussion of Russian Air Power.

If this all works out as being portrayed, it is a sign of how much the Russian military has been degraded. But I am still not convinced the goal is take ground. I think it is possible that the primary motive is to mess with Russian heads.