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The Latest Reported Israeli Attack on an Iranian Ship Seems Like a Deliberate Escalation

Russia’s Military Build-Up near Ukraine (II): Troops from Siberia, Snap Drills in Crimea, and More Convoys

The Double Standard.

Today’s long-anticipated announcement by Fermilab’s Muon g-2 team appears to solidify a tantalizing conflict between nature and theory. But a separate calculation, published at the same time, has clouded the picture.

Wikipedia’s Deep Ties to Big Tech

The data on the Wuhan virus in no way matched the hysteria visited on most of the U.S. and the world.

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Under President Biden, nearly seven times as many unaccompanied minors are being detained by either Customs and Border Patrol or Health and Human Services as compared to the Trump administration.

FBI Investigating Reporting Fraud at $62 Billion Pennsylvania Public Pension Fund,

The so-called “Buffett Indicator” has been flashing red for so long now as stocks keep soaring that you might think it’s an out-of-date relic that’s worthless in forecasting where the market’s heading.

To a certain extent this triumphalism is in bad taste. Texas could very well have another bad turn. But it does show that state restrictions don’t correlate very well with any kind of benefit. Fauci Claims The Fall In COVID Cases Since Texas Relaxed Restrictions Is ‘Confusing’ Related story here.

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Good Friday and Easter Church Raid Attempts by Police Over Covid Intensify Conservative Christian Vaccine Hesitancy

The Politics of South Korea’s ‘China Threat’

How my uncle dodged death and escaped from East Pakistan to India (with a little help from a hen)

Khraniteli: The Soviet take on Lord of the Rings

‘Intentionally False’: Another Florida Dem Absolutely Shreds ’60 Minutes’ Hit Piece Against Ron DeSantis

A political refugee who settled in the Italian Dolomites single-handedly helped to revitalise a vanishing Italian town and its endangered breed of goats.

Homes selling faster than ever even as prices rise to all-time highs

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COVID-19 alarmism is working, new polls show.

Florida governor urgently working to prevent ‘catastrophic flood’ in Tampa area

New discoveries in Alaska by an Australian independent could provide hope for bigger oil finds yet to come in the country’s National Petroleum Reserve.

Science is hard. I will go do politics instead. The Trouble with Brain Scans

Basically, if there is no war with China, they won’t have a job. The Marine Corps Is About to Reinvent Itself—Drastically

A study analyzing US mortality in March-July 2020 reported a 20% increase in excess deaths, only partly explained by COVID-19.


A Rant On Japan’s Demographics.

The end of the modern culture is one of those things that most people can see coming but few want to acknowledge. Our culture’s ending is guaranteed by college educated populations failing to reproduce at rates sufficient to sustain the population. In the end, this failure means that modern culture must end, unless it can sustain itself parasitically on a non modern culture that is fecund enough to both sustain itself and the burden of a modern culture. But based on all available evidence, modern culture is very successful at supplanting whatever traditional culture it comes across if given a level playing field. For this reason, it seems unlikely that modern culture will ever be able to moderate its own success in a manner that would enable it to be successfully parasitical.

Granted, that message of doom and gloom is not mainstream. But it is the only conclusion supported by simple math and observing what is going on around us in the world. Anyone who is capable of understanding basic logic and is aware of the world around them should be able to understand it for themselves. At least, that is what I would like to think.

In reality, it is apparent the people struggle mightily with basic logic and they are not at all keen on observing the world around them. This has recently been rubbed into my face by the reaction to Tyler Cowen’s recent musings about how the world might “stop depopulating.” Cowen’s musing are banal and even a little delusional. But at least his musings acknowledged the basic mathematical fact that this has to stop at some point or the human race will cease to exist. Nonetheless, his comment section was overrun by people mocking or otherwise uncomprehending why Professor Cowen thought “depopulating” was a problem. Apparently, simple math is a form of logic too deep and complicated for most of his readership to comprehend.

One point that was repeatedly made in the comment section particularly got under my skin and is the occasion for tonight’s rant. And that is the idea that people have been predicting for a long time that demographic issues were going lead to an economic catastrophe for Japan and yet Japan is still going strong. I have seen this argument advanced many times over the last few years and yet rarely do I see anyone explain why this is logically and observationally an absurd argument.

To rectify that, I thought I would throw together a brief explanation of why the idea that “Japan shows the demographic decline is not a problem” is absurd.

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Russia’s Massive Troop Movements near Ukraine: Another “Bear Scare”?

“If things continue like this, Germany as a business location is in danger. The costs are out of control – and there is a growing threat of an electricity shortfall.” Related—A new report “The Fossil Fuel End Game, A frontline vision to retire New York City’s peaker plants by 2030” illustrates the campaign strategy they are using to shut down peaking power plants in New York City. Unfortunately their claims are based more on emotion than fact.

Welcome to the Decade of Concern

Likud’s enthusiasm over the speech of Arab legislator Mansour Abbas might be opportunist and not candid, but it is changing Israeli politics and society irreversibly.

Now we see the word “infrastructure” deployed as a shield because most of us associate the concept with roads and bridges that we drive on every day. In reality, though, only about 5% of the Biden plan ($135 billion of the $2.25 trillion total) would go toward roads and bridges.

Virtually all of the so-called shortfall in the Highway Trust Fund is due to Congress spending money on non-highway programs.

Mapping the World’s Key Maritime Choke Points

The top analyst assigned to the FBI’s Russia “collusion” case, codenamed Crossfire Hurricane, admitted under oath that neither he nor his team of half a dozen intelligence analysts could confirm any of the allegations in the dossier — including ones the FBI nonetheless included in several warrant applications as evidence to establish legal grounds to electronically monitor a former Trump adviser for almost a year.

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Is Russia About To Invade Ukraine?

The Desperate Children of Moria

How Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine Became the Hot Shot

Politico: Biden Admin Will Be “Embarrassed” When Most Capitol Hill “Insurrectionists” Receive No Jail Time

Yahoo Story on Florida COVID Study Misrepresented Key Finding, Study’s Author Says

Critics react to US-Jordan defense agreement

Wisconsin S. Ct. Strikes Down Governor’s Emergency Decrees